When it comes to property maintenance, owners typically think of the building’s interior first. However, it’s important not to overlook the condition of your parkade. It may seem like an insignificant step, but maintaining the asphalt of your parkade can help to benefit your business.

Let’s take a look at how parkade asphalt maintenance can be advantageous to your company.

4 Benefits of Consistent Parkade Asphalt Maintenance

Influences First Impressions

The parkade is where people develop the first impression of your business. Whether you actively acknowledge it or not, you do notice when a parkade is clean and free of damage. It sets the tone of the establishment and subconsciously reassures you about the quality of the building you are about to walk into. A properly maintained parkade shows patrons that you care about your entire property and how you hope others will perceive it.

A neglected parkade can be reflected by cracks in the asphalt that can even turn into potholes. As a driver, this can be irritating to navigate your vehicle through. As a customer, it doesn’t create the promise of a well-established and put-together business.

Increases Its Lifespan

As with most things in life, the more energy and effort you put into caring for the asphalt in your parkade, the longer it will last. This can be as standard as filling cracks in the asphalt as they appear or salting the ground during winter, while taking the time to remove snow and ice build-up. This will prevent poor conditions in the asphalt from worsening, thus saving you those potentially complex and costly repairs.

painted parking sign

It’s important to be aware of any puddles of water that are forming on the asphalt surface. This may indicate that there are some structural issues in your asphalt, but at the very least, sitting water can erode your asphalt over time.

Decreases Liability Risks

As the owner of the parkade, you are responsible for what happens on your property. Cracks and potholes in the asphalt are tripping hazards, and someone could be injured in your parkade due to compromised asphalt. You may be found at fault in such a situation, which could create legal and financial obstacles for you to deal with.

Increases Rental Opportunities

If you are a property owner renting out units to businesses, it’s important to present a well-kept property. This goes back to making a good first impression. Business owners will not be interested in renting a property if it looks like you do not care about maintaining it. The asphalt in your parkade is a part of the quality of your property.

Taking the time to consistently maintain the asphalt in your parkade can greatly impact the success of your business and the image you project. This can easily be done by hiring a professional company to ensure the condition of your asphalt.

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out our online form!

As a business owner or building manager, there is a lot to maintain and care for. Among all of the interior responsibilities, you are also responsible for Calgary parkade cleaning, exterior maintenance, and so much more. Overwhelming may not even begin to describe it. 

However, in many situations, there is only time to respond to problems as they come up, rather than addressing them beforehand. Luckily, for some, Calgary parkade cleaning also falls into this category. When you park your vehicle and survey your surroundings, it is often an immediate reaction to an abnormal circumstance. Below, we discuss other ways that having a clean parkade affects you.

How a Clean Parking Lot Helps

Better Customer Experience

When you have parking lots for your clients, it means that your business is greeting them from the outset. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the area and space look as neat and tidy as possible. 

Easier Maintenance Detection

A Clean parking lot keeps your business looking fresh, but it also helps alert you to potential changes or problems in your work. For example, missing paint or oil stains can worsen without immediate action. When your parking lot is clean, it is easy to see these problems and address them before the negative effects propagate.


Happier Employees

On the other end of the parking lot spectrum is employee-only spaces. These areas are helpful and beneficial for employees, but they are also a part of your business. This means that you are responsible for the safety of your workers, even here. Keeping a clean lot can help prevent incidents. 

Less Likely to Attract Danger

Depending on your area of the city, there is a real need to keep your parking area clean. Indeed, areas with poor lighting or debris collections can cause significant problems and encourage ne’er do wells to spend time in them. However, a well maintained and nice-looking parking lot will not face these same challenges.

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The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our online form!

The best commercial painting in Calgary is not noticeable. It perfectly blends into the environment, provides simple direction, and appears crisp and clear to remove any doubt about its intention. Unfortunately, this is a little disappointing for commercial painters. Their hard work rarely receives the applause and fanfare that it rightfully deserves. However, that is usually the case with a job well done. 

Luckily, there is still monetary compensation for this valuable service, which makes the lack of recognition much easier to swallow. Although, the cost will vary depending on several elements; elements which may include the amount of striping paint, the complexity of the job, the products used, and the company performing the work. Therefore, understanding more about each of these facets will inform you about the approximate costs.

Facets of Calgary Commercial Painting


Amount of Painting

The amount of painting will introduce the largest amount of price variables. For instance, are you simply painting over the old stall lines, or are you planning to add speed bump colouring and accessible stall designations? Similarly, can you apply paint over the old lines, or will you have to remove the previous product before application? 

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to the amount of painting. In some instances, companies will assign a total price to the project, depending on your needs. However, in other cases, they may give you a piece rate depending on your specific painting needs. 

Complexity of Painting

The complexity of painting is another essential facet of commercial painting costs. As an example of this, consider the difference between painting a single line and traffic arrow painting. In the first instance, you simply need to use your line machine and create a straight line. However, in the other example, you must create an outline composed of several lines in different directions and then fill that outline. 

It is easy to see how the complexity affects the price with the examples above, and this idea has evidence. Pricing for stall lines sits around $3-$6 per line, whereas directional arrows start at $15. Similarly, fire lanes, stencilling, and angular lines will also have their own associated costs.

The Painting Products & Company

The painting products play a role in the cost, but it is not nearly as noticeable as the other considerations. Usually, companies have a preferred supplier for their coatings and own the equipment they use. However, this is also why the company you choose is vital.

The painting company may own their equipment, which should lower the overall cost. Although, some companies starting out could not be so fortunate. Similarly, established companies can provide more reasonable prices due to their experience with the work and, ideally, regular cleaning or maintenance contracts.

Find Your Commercial Painting Provider Here!

Now that you understand the complexity of assigning a price to commercial painting in Calgary, the next step is to find a reliable provider. Ultimately, even if you know the cost of each facet, the overall cost will still vary. As a result, your best option is to build a rapport with a parking lot maintenance company. Give us a call to start the conversation today!

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our online form!

Everyone loves a good parking lot, parkade, or other driveable surfaces for storing their vehicles. Driving has become an institutional part of our daily lives, and one that often goes unnoticed. Sure, everyone knows about parking and driving, and debates about traffic law are rampant in any social circle. However, less well known are the costs and services associated with parking lot maintenance and road upkeep. 

Although, there is some expectation that these issues would go by unnoticed. After all, as long as we can park somewhere or drive along, we are pretty merry. However, parking lot maintenance is an essential part of maintaining parking lots and parkades, and for how clean they are, we may need to offer more gratitude.


The Services of Parking Lot Maintenance

Either way, the cost of parking lot maintenance is worthy of discussion as well. Unfortunately, the price can change quite a bit depending on the services that a parking lot owner requires and the company that performs the work. As a result, it may be best to speak about the possible services before digging into the costs. 

One of the best ways to maintain your parking area is with a sweeping machine. This machine removes any dust or debris the cars or winds have brought into the area and functions quickly to remove them. Afterwards, a clean and pleasant parking area remains. Another excellent service for cleaning parking lots is the combination of power washing and power scrubbing. With the latter, you can remove caked-on grime and dirt with ease, and the former allows you to dispose of the mess conveniently. 

Finally, while most services intend to keep areas looking clean and proper by removing unwanted materials, there is another essential part of maintenance you must consider. Of course, you should be considering how to repair the items in your parking lot as well! Line painting, commercial painting, pipe and wall cleaning, and more are essential parts of your parking lot maintenance programs.

The Cost of Parking Lot Maintenance

The cost of parking lot maintenance is, of course, influenced by the factors listed above. However, another great way to look at the price is by the size of your lot. Typically, a 500-space lot will average between $70-$100 for a sweeping and cleaning, but each service will likely have its own additional fees. Contact a parking lot cleaning professional today for a more in-depth look at the costs for their maintenance. 

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our online form!

Painting commercial areas is a big project, and not one that should be undertaken lightly. In these situations, it’s best to turn to the professionals. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a Calgary commercial painting company.

Excellent Projects with a Commercial Painting Company

Commercial projects require attention to detail and proper training to get the best results possible. A commercial painting company can give you just that so that all your painting projects meet high standards. With the training and expertise of a professional company, you can expect industrial painting Calgary that is free of problems. They’ll use high-quality products and techniques to give you the results you’re looking for.

Fast Completion with a Calgary Commercial Painting Company

Another benefit of hiring a commercial painting company is that they will be able to finish the job promptly. With the right tools and experience, they can deliver the project on schedule or even ahead of time without compromising the high standard of quality.

Less Hassle with Industrial Painting Calgary

Saving money by doing the painting yourself can seem like a good idea, but it often is more trouble than it’s worth. Hiring a Calgary commercial painting company saves you time because they can get the job done efficiently while you focus on your other priorities. It can also save you money because they already have the tools required for the job and can complete the project the right way the first time. Many companies can also provide parkade maintenance so that your property continues to look its best. All of this means less hassle for you.

From parkade maintenance to industrial painting Calgary, it’s easy to see that commercial painting companies offer many benefits to business owners. Give your next project the care it deserves by hiring a professional painting company.

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our online form!

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